EVEN MORE words in the King James Version that now mean something else

Titlepage and dedication from a 1612-1613 King...

Title page and dedication from a 1612-1613 KJV

Continued from my first and second lists of such words:

moist fresh, Num 6:3. Hmm. Not everything in my fridge that is moist turns out to be fresh.

eloquent skillful enchanter, Isa 3:3. I’ve always suspected . . .

owl(s) ostrich(es), Deut 14:15; Job 30:29; Isa 13:21; 34:13; 43:20; Jer 50:39; Mic 1:8. Some major zoological confusion on this and the next one.

ox, wild antelope, Deut 14:15. Don’t try hitching this “ox” to your cart, unless you like bouncing across the veldt as cheetahs pursue you, trying to make a nice snack of you.

prevent(ed) (1) come before, Job 41:11; Ps 88:13; Amos 9:10. (2) came upon, 2 Sam 22:6, 19; Job 30:27; Ps 18:5, 18. (3) precede, 1 Thess 4:15. (4) spoke first to, Matt 17:25. (5) anticipate(d), Ps 119:147, 148. (6) receive, Job 3:12. OK, I confess my head is spinning on this one.

reins (1) kidneys, inner parts, Job 16:13; Ps 139:13; Isa 11:5; Lam 3:13. (2) heart (metaphorically,as seat of emotions), Job 19:27; Pss 7:9; 16:7; 26:2; 73:21; Prov 23:16; Jer 11:20; 12:2; 17:10; 20:12; Rev 2:23. This one is not “anatomically correct” as far as I know . . .

scattered (1) tall, Isa 18:2, 7. (2) broken, Ps 60:2. Wait, what?

suburbs (1) pasture lands, Josh 21:2–42; 2 Chr 6:55–81. (2) precincts (Hebrew uncertain), Ezek 45:2. Better keep that pasture trimmed, or the neighbors will kick up a fuss.

traveleth, one that a robber, Prov 24:34.Which is pretty much what the TSA figures, or worse . . .

turtle(s) turtledove(s), Lev 12:8; 15:29; Num 6:10; Song 2:12; Jer 8:7. BIG difference here, unless you’ve been drinking a little too much, or eating those special mushrooms.

unicorn(s) wild ox (oxen), Num 23:22; 24:8; Deut 33:17; Job 39:9, 10; Pss 22:21; 29:6; 92:10; Isa 34:7. Rats. So much for the biblical evidence on this one.

wounds tasty morsels, Prov 26:22. Only to Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Source of terms (the commentary all my fault): Translation that Openeth the Window: Reflections on the History and Legacy of the King James Bible, ed. David G. Burke (Society of Biblical Literature, 2009), Appendix B. According to this source, KJVs printed by the American Bible Society have long contained the list from which these definitions, and those in the previous post, are taken.

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